(aka Reflektioner i ett Torn)
In the documentary we consecutively follow from idea to realization how the Finnish glass sculpture Hans-Christian Berg creates a large sphere made out of hand-blown parabolic mirrors for an exhibition in a medieval castle on an island in the Swedish archipelago. In this fast-paced and jazz moded film we encounter the inspiration, anguish and honest devotion of an artist who is working towards fulfillment of his dreams. Eventually we learn how a well-designed and intelligently placed glass sculpture can even reflect the continuous paranoia of mankind.
• Directed and produced by: John Hakalax
• Written by: John Hakalax and Kim Finn
• Director of Photography: Jussi Käkkis Arhinmäki
• Edited by: Kim Finn
• Graphics & Animations: Ilkka Pitkänen
• Shot on location in Sweden and Finland
• Broadcasting:
• YLE/FST (Finland)
• 28 minutes TV-version on Digbeta; available in Swedish, Finnish, English and as IT-version with M&E track.
• TV distribution: YLE / Nordvision